19th October 2018
Travel Gazette
  • Cobalt Air has ambitious plans to turn Cyprus into a major transit point using a modern fleet of Airbus 320 and 330 aircraft "and connect Cyprus to the world and the world to Cyprus".

    Cobalt airlines in Cyprus suspends operations

    The de-facto-Cypriot national airline Cobalt has suspended operations indefinitely.  Reports in several Cypriot media outlets this week suggested Cobalt’s mainly Chinese backers had difficulty channelling funds to the airline, which operated with six leased Airbus [Read More]
  • Jerusalem at sunset Photo credit - Noam Chen Israel Ministry of Tourism

    New city pass for tourists in Israel

    Israel has launched a range of services in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv making it more accessible and convenient for visitors. The cities are now offering more information to tourists than ever before with new information [Read More]
  • restaurant-bar-cafe-street

    New laws on waiter tips in the UK

    The British government has announced it is to bring in a new law to ban restaurant owners from creaming off a proportion of the tips left by satisfied diners. The government action comes after it [Read More]

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