John Prescott scrambles for Cyprus flight

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The former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has President Christofias to thank for getting him back from Cyprus in time for last nights Commons vote on counter-terrorism, writes the Daily Telegraph.

The British daily reports that after addressing the Institute of Travel and Tourism, Mr Prescott arrived at Paphos airport with only 15 mintues to go before his easyJet flight was about to leave.

The gate was closed and only a direct appeal from Christofias persuaded the airline to re-open it.

“John had left his hotel in good time and jumped in a cab but there was – not for the first time in his life – a breakdown of communication,” a friend told the paper.

Mr Prescott’s dash from Cyprus proved vital, as Gordon Brown narrowly avoided a Commons defeat over the controversial power to hold terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge.

Prescott last visited Cyprus in October 2005.

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