Amazing LA and Santa Monica

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It is one of the most popular of all summer destinations for travelers who have never been there before, and also, for those who have been there before. Because once you’ve been here. You do want to come back. It is a fact and as simple as all that.

Travel to LA because you like a wide variety of variety all rolled up into one extraordinary package.

What is LA all about from a total tourism perspective? It is all about great food, great people, and great things and places to see and do. The list of great goes on. Everything from great beaches to great restaurants to great attractions to great cities to outdoor and glitz and glam.

Some of the great things to see in LA do include Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica Pier is truly one of the most amazing places to be at night. This is because this pier is like a small carnival in description.

This pier is loaded up with games and a wonderful rollercoaster.

There is also Santa Monica Beach waiting, as an extension, of this totally fabulous pier.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is another site to see and experience. This is because it is the ideal place to be for all movie buffs who love famous celebrities. There are streets and streets of nothing but well-known stars from movie, music, and what not.

This is the place to be for star seekers. Rodeo Drive and Home Tours is the next place to be. This is because it is filled with lots of expensive shops of all kinds and one can go on tours of homes that belong to the rich and famous here.

Los Angeles is simply great on all fronts for those who love a bit of this and that.

It is a city within a city literally. So, very much, to see and do it is unbelievable.

However, the one thing, which you will love most is the feeling of being close to everything and the live vibration that does ripple through this wondrous travel destination.

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