An unusual Exorcist attraction in Washington DC

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The stone steps at the corner of Prospect St NW and 36th St NW


Defenestration (fancy talk for being thrown out a window) is not a word that pops up frequently in travel articles, but when the topic is tourist spots that rock in Washington, D.C., you can throw out all the rules.

Throw them right out the window onto the most infamous steps in the nation’s capital.

No, not those steps famously populated in cartoon form by a bill singing the blues about the fate of being trapped in America’s legislative process.

Sure, the steps leading up to the U.S. Capitol are infamous in their own right, but can they really hold a candle in terms of really cool, offbeat tourist destinations not to be missed in D.C. when the alternative are the steps down which Father Karras threw himself to his death after ingesting the demonic spirit trapped inside the body of Linda Blair?

A trip to Washington, D.C. is always destined to reach a certain point in which you just want to see something–anything–that isn’t associated with Founding Fathers, marble & granite or politics in general.

When you find yourself reaching that point, head away from the monuments and toward 3600 Prospect St. at the corner of 36th street in Georgetown.

There you will find a long, narrow and surprisingly steep set of steps that a stuntman actually tumbled down (twice!) while filming the climax of what many consider the ultimate Hollywood horror flick, “The Exorcist.”

Two reasons above all for visiting “The Exorcist” steps.

One, to see how Hollywood can create the illusion of something (Regan’s apartment) existing in a real location even when it doesn’t.

And two, how some real life tourist spots don’t even need Hollywood magic to make them one of the scariest places you will ever visit.

The stone steps at the corner of Prospect St NW and 36th St NW leading down to M Street NW in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

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