Air Koryo… the world’s worst airline or quirkiest?

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As the DPRK marks 70-years of Independence, the Travel Gazette reminds readers that North Korea offers unique opportunities for Travel Adventurers.

Its one-star rated Air Koryo will be sure to surprise you on each and every trip.

What You Can Count On (usually): Quick and easy check in and baggage services: In Pyongyang, the terminal handles only one flight at a time, so there is little confusion as to who’s going where.

Each flight is fully processed before the next one is begun.

They don’t seem to mind extra luggage weight, either, since several reviewers carried on several pounds over the ‘limit’.

Reassuring Inflight Entertainment: The North Koreans are very proud of their leader, and the in-flight music and movie happily shared his many accomplishments (over and over and over …)

Lots of Leg Room: Depending on which plane you are on.  Since many of their aircraft are more than 50 years old, the seating varies widely.

Be sure to fold down the seat in front of you for more leg room!

What You Should Carry on With You: Food: Meal service may or may not exist and when it does, the quality is iffy.

Ear plugs: Older planes make more noise. A Hard Hat: Overhead bins are not enclosed so be prepared to catch a few items in flight.

Your Korean Language Skills:  Not all Flight Attendants speak English, and you’ll want to be VERY sure about the safety instructions for the plane you are in.

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