Number of tourists to Albania up 25 pct during summer 2015

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The number of tourists to Albania this summer season increased by 25 percent, compared to the past summer season, a tourism official said Saturday.

Citing the official statistics, General Director of Tourism Department at Albanian Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, Sonia Popa, said most of the tourists came from Western European countries.

“One of the most important developments during this summer season was the duration of stay of these tourists in Albania,” Popa said.
“If once they used to stay two or three days/nights, now they prefer to spend more than five days in Albania. This helps the economy since tourists spend more money during their stay in Albania,” declared the official.

On the other hand, one of the problems that still exist in this sector, according to Popa, is the lack of cooperation between tourism operator and state institutions. This affects in the quality of services, according to Popa.

“Tourism operators must have a closer cooperation between them and the government, in order to provide high quality services,” Popa said.

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