Thailand to draw tourists from far-off world corners

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Thailand will look out toward far-off corners of the globe such as South America and Africa for tourists to visit this Southeast Asian country, said a high-level tourism official on Thursday.

‘According to Tourism Authority of Thailand governor Yuthasak Supasorn, the agency plans to expand tourism markets in Argentina and South Africa to bring in travelers from those distant countries to Thailand throughout the next few years.

‘An estimated 24,000 Argentines have visited this country during the first nine months of this year, accounting for a 34 percent increase from the same period last year while some 50,000 South Africans have come during this year’s first nine months, marking a nine percent increase from the corresponding period last year.

In addition, the TAT will take steps to draw more tourists from Vladivostok in eastern Russia, the governor said.

Russian travelers from the Far East port city will be attracted to make up for a considerable decline in the number of the Russians visiting Thailand due to the devaluations of the ruble since the last few years, he said.
An estimated 600,000 Russians traveled to varied Thai spots during this year’s first nine months, registering a 47 percent drop from the same period last year.

All those foreign tourists were incomparably outnumbered by as many as 7.4 million Chinese reported to visit this country throughout this year, according to the TAT.

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