Taiwan to allow more mainland tourists

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Taiwan will increase the daily quota for group tourists from the Chinese mainland to 8,000 from 5,000 in the next three-month period to satisfy growing traveling demand.

The new policy will be effective from Nov. 21, 2015 to Feb. 19, 2016, said David Hsieh, chairman of the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association, while witnessing the establishment of the association’s Fuzhou office in coastal Fujian Province on Wednesday.

Hsieh said cross-strait tourism has seen booming growth in recent years thanks to strengthened cooperation between the two sides.

Taiwan has raised the group tourist quota for several times and allowed tourists from more mainland regions. Currently residents in 47 cities in the mainland are eligible to visit Taiwan as individual tourists.

Taiwan lifted the ban on group tourism from the mainland in 2008 and opened to mainland individual tourists in 2011.

The association has had offices in Beijing and Shanghai and pins high hope on the new one to further promote tourism in Taiwan.

During January to early November, more than 3.1 million mainland tourists traveled to Taiwan and nearly 4.1 million Taiwan people visited the mainland.

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