Turkey now devoid of Russian tourists

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – As of last weekend, there are no Russian tourists on package holidays at Turkish resorts, the head of the Russian Tour Operators Association Dmitry Gorin told RIA Novosti.

The Moscow Times reported that all remaining Russian tourists returned to Russia from Turkey on Dec. 5 and 6.

“As far as we know, 300 tourists ended their vacations in Turkey on those dates and returned to Russia as planned. There are no more package tour tourists in Turkey,” Gorin said.

Meanwhile, the number of companies selling foreign tours to Russian tourists has fallen by 70 percent over the past year.

“Before the crisis, we had 2,050 companies that were involved in the organization of overseas tours, now there are 650 of them,” Gorin said.

The Russian Tour Operators Association predicts the number of tour operators will continue to fall next year.

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