Thailand expects 7 million tourists from ASEAN region this year

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TRAVEL GAZETTE -Thailand is targeting travelers from the ASEAN region as a major group of visitors to generate tourism-related incomes throughout this year.

Thai Tourism & Sports Minister Korbkarn Watanawrangkura has said as many as 7 million visitors from other ASEAN member counteries, especially Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam, are expected to come this year.

Given geographical proximity, those ASEAN travelers may conveniently arrive by bus or car through varied Thai border checkpoints, in addition to daily international flights.

That compares to more than 7 million Chinese tourists reported to have visited Thailand in 2015, according to the tourism minister.

The Chinese have constituted the highest number of foreign visitors to the Southeast Asian country so far.

The minister said that the number of tourists from eastern Europe is speculated to increase throughout this year though the number of Russians might probably continue to drop.

Last year, Thailand received nearly 30 million visitors from around the globe who generated an estimated four billion U.S. dollars in tourism-related earnings.

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