Australia offers ‘premium’ immigration service for well heeled travellers

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Peter Dutton

TRAVEL GAZETTE – Australian airports will soon offer a “premium” border security experience for passengers keen to avoid long airport queues and get to their final destination faster, in a move which will attract more visitors to Australia, according to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Aimed at business travelers, wealthy passengers on first-class tickets and travelers who don’t like to get stuck at lengthy immigration and customs queues, the measures will allow passengers a chance to forgo the lines for an added premium.

Initially set to operate out of Sydney, Perth and Melbourne airports, passengers who opt to pay a little more for less hassle would be fast-tracked through border clearances.

Airports would pay the government fee to offer the service, which would then be passed on to the airlines and eventually the passengers seeking a faster alternative.

A spokesperson for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said “premium traveler facilitation services” would not allow passengers to skip the security process, but it would be significantly faster than what is currently available.

Meanwhile Tourism and Transport Forum Australia chief executive Margy Osmond said the measures would appeal to wealthy visitors coming to Australia.

“Australia must cater to the needs for all traveler demographics… for a growing number of Asian travelers, which is Australia’s key growth market, premium border facilitation is an integral component of the travel experience,” Osmond said.

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