Berlin Tradition, With Ambition – Alt Berliner Weissbierstube

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – The sizzling platters of traditional German food are whisked out to delighted customers from 11am until midnight.

And even though it is originally from Austria, this really is the place to enjoy the flattened, breaded emblem of Germanic taverns everywhere – the Weiner Schnitzel, served with potato salad and fresh lemon.

Sausage, Weiss Beer, Pork Knuckles, Pea puree…it’s all here.

The restaurant has 44 tables and a bar area – during the summer months 120 seats are added outdoors on the beautiful terrace.

Why all the fuss? Because it is lovely.

* The following is an example of the menu:

Salad of white and green asparagus, with smoked salmon – € 10.50

Wiener Schnitzel -escalope of pork a la Milanese – € 15.90

A fried salmon fillet or roasted filet of salmon – € 15.90

Juicy rump steak – € 21.00

Rathausstr. 21, 10178 Berlin

*Prices as of May 2016

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