Dakar Rally will leave benefits for Paraguay

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – The Dakar Rally 2017, which will touch Paraguayan soil for the fist time, will leave economic and image benefits for the South American country.

Paraguay’s Tourism Minister, Marcela Bacigalupo, said that the competition that will leave from the capital city of Asuncion on Jan. 2, will place the country in one of the “world’s most important showcases.”

Cited Asuncion’s online media, the minister said that the greater point of focus will be made known in the long run.

“Also, we will be welcoming people a week earlier, with their corresponding positive effect on tourism and sub-sectors,” said Bacigalupo.

The minister added that since Paraguay was confirmed as a host for the rally, the country’s name has began to “sound with a new force” all over the world.

Sports Minister, Victor Pecci, said that “the Dakar (Rally) is possible thanks to the government’s support” and “more than ever we need work hard so that this competition is a success.”

For the Rally’s Sports Director, Marc Coma, the fact that the event “will arrive in Asuncion, takes the competition to another level.”
The 39th edition of the Dakar Rally will begin on Jan. 2 in Paraguay and will pass through Bolivia and Argentina to finish in Buenos Aires on Jan. 14.

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