Hitler house formally seized by government

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – The Austrian government has submitted a bill to formally seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born in a move to try and protect the birthplace of the Nazi dictator from its occupation by Neo-Nazis.

“Representatives of the Interior Ministry have been trying for several years to buy the property, but these attempts failed… Now the only option is to transfer ownership to the Austrian Republic through expropriation,” Austria’s Interior Ministry said.

The pasty yellow building, located in Braunau am Inn, has long been a curiosity for history buffs – but officials are worried that the area may attract a more sinister type of tourist.

The building once housed a craft brewery and several rental flats, one of them occupied by Alois Hitler, his third wife Klara, their son Adolf, and his elder half siblings Alois Jr. and Angela.

After Hitler’s personal secretary Martin Bormann purchased the house – it became a cult centre containing an art gallery and a public library.

Occupied by US troops at the end of World War II, the building temporarily housed a documentary exhibition on Nazi concentration camps.

In 1952 it was restored to its original owners and thereafter used as city library, technical college and a day-care centre for disabled persons.

Neo-Nazi groups have made several locations connected with Hitler into pilgrimage sites, including the area where the former Berghof was located near Berchtesgarden.



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