Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 11.6 percent in April

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 11.6 percent in April, from a year earlier, to 136,367, mainly due to a strong growth from China, statistics from the country’s Tourism Promotion Bureau showed.

China was the second market with the most number of tourist arrivals in April with 18,972 travelers, a 37.6 percent increase from the same period of last year.

India remained the No. 1 market with 25,890 travelers, a 12.3-percent growth from the previous year.
Visitors from Japan increased 25 percent to 3,172 and Western

European arrivals were up 12.2 percent to 39,243, with Britain’s arrivals up 6.9 percent to 12,006.

From January to April, 721,185 tourists have visited Sri Lanka with the government expecting the year to end with a larger number than the previous year.

The Sri Lankan government hopes to attract at least 3 million tourists by the end of this year and it has set a target of 4 million by 2020.

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