New Cyprus airline Cobalt faces delays, ticket sales stalled

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – NEW LOW-COST airline Cobalt is not able to sell tickets to the public, despite having announced their launch for this month.

A commercial licence has not yet been granted – as several issues remain unresolved, reports the Cyprus Mail.

The license, when issued, will give Cobalt permission to launch operations to the public– and more importantly sell tickets.

An Air Operator Certificate (AOC) was given to the airline last month.

A lack of satisfactory vetting of the airlines foreign shareholders is responsible for the hold up – in conflict with strict EU criteria, according to reports.

“We would expect to receive that (Commercial licence) shortly,” Cobalt CEO Andrew Pyne told the Cyprus Mail.

“It is very clear from our point of view, we are a Cyprus owned and controlled airline and we are fully compliant with the rules of the European Union. We don’t see any doubt, or room for doubt on that. I remain confident we will get the licence very soon.”

The airline is owned and controlled by Cypriot nationals, but has a significant Chinese investment component, the report added.

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