Zambian airlines get green light for Europe flights

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Photograph artwork copyright © Travel Gazette.
Photograph artwork copyright © Travel Gazette.

TRAVEL GAZETTE – A tourism organization has welcomed the lifting of a ban on Zambia’s registered airlines from flying into European airspace.

In 2009, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) imposed a ban on Zambia and stopped Zambian registered planes from flying into the Euro zone airspace due to poor safety standards.

This followed an audit which established that Zambia was not complying with international safety standards.

But according to an updated EU air safety list, Zambia is one of the countries that have been removed from a list of airlines that do not meet international safety standards and are subject to an operation ban or operational restrictions within the European airspace.

The Tourism Council of Zambia said the move will see an increase in the number of tourists coming into the country.

Alexander Mutali, the organization’s chairperson said the move has excited tour operators because it will improve the tourism sector and see an increase in tourist arrivals, according to state broadcaster, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.

The official however called on the government to ensure that it adheres to international standards to avoid a repeat of being banned.

On Friday, the European Union said it will give Zambia 5. 6 million Euros to help the African country improve its safety standards in the aviation sector.

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