Row over hotel deposit ends in scuffle at Cyprus party hotspot

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – Israeli media reported that staff at hotel in Ayia Napa allegedly beat up a group of Israeli teenagers in a heated debate over a security deposit.

According to the teenagers – when they left the hotel and requested their passports back the receptionist demanded 50 Euros.

Ynet news reported one of the teens as saying: “Someone in the hotel got angry, and to the surprise of both the security and the hotel workers, he began to hit us with a pool cue. We ran outside and saw that a lot of people were wounded.”

“We ran outside, scared to death. Anyone who tried to go back in to grab their bags got hit,” another one of the Israelis said. “It was a nightmare”
The hotel said the teens left thousands of euros of damage behind as they wrecked rooms and they also harassed other guests.

During their stay, the hotel told Ynetnews, they threw water bottles at hotel guests, and urinated in the hallways, and that they also caused a small fire in the rooms.

The hotel also said they urinated on guests’ vehicles, and that they had broken the management’s doors, pushed women, and threatened to attack them if they didn’t get their deposit back.

Unruly teens have frequently made the headlines in Ayia Napa.

In 2007, Israeli journalist Yifat Glick witnessed Israeli teenagers in Ayia Napa “breaking hotel furniture, drinking themselves senseless, badmouthing the locals, driving wildly, and risking their lives jumping off cliffs.”

Ayia Napa has been popular with Israelis for years, with several YouTube and social media accounts devoted to the annual “Israeli Lad Tours”.

Frustrated locals have complained that Israeli teenagers often cause havoc in the resort. In 2006 a group of boys set fire to a hotel bed and threw a moped in a swimming pool.

A flight from Tel Aviv to Cyprus only takes 40 minutes and many tourists take advantage of cheap last minute deals.

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