Slovaks enjoy cheap holidays in Bulgaria, Southeast Asia

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – Bulgaria and Southeast Asia are the cheapest holiday destination for Slovakia, according to an analysis of Unicredit Bank published on Monday.

According to analyst of Unicredit Bank Lubomir Korsnak, the good news is that the value of one hundred “Slovak” euro banknote is almost the same as in the most popular holiday destinations of Slovaks. Bulgaria, for example, is cheap for Slovaks while the western countries are more expensive.

“While in Bulgaria, Slovaks can for a 100 euro (111 U.S. dollars) banknote buy goods and services worth almost 150 euros on average, in neighbouring Austria for the same value they can buy goods only for less than 60 euros,” stressed Korsnak.

Southeast Asia, Africa and some parts of Latin America are relatively cheap for Slovak as well.

“However, high transportation costs make holidays in these countries quite expensive,” said the analyst.

In Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, the Slovak 100 euro banknote worth almost 160 euros, in Malaysia the figure is 150 euros and in Indonesia around 170 euros.

“Some Latin American countries, such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico and Argentina are also favourable, as for Slovak 100 euros we can buy much more, often twice as much as at home,” added Korsnak. (1 euro = 1.11 U.S. dollars)


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