Boat Carnival brightens Belgrade’s riverside

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The 12th Boat Carnival in Belgrade opened Saturday by the riverside of the Sava River as an annual event to attract tourists and to promote the development of the city.

The carnival was opened by children releasing models of boats made of recycled materials into the Sava River in front of thousands of visitors, who gathered to observe this year’s procession of decorated boats and enjoy in concerts and children shows by the river.

Around 100 vessels, boats, jet-ski, sailboats took part in this year’s carnival in Serbia at a new location — at the reconstructed promenade along the Sava River, in front of the Belgrade Waterfront, a new luxurious settlement which recently began construction.

Director of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade Miodrag Popovic said the new Sava promenade is a good location for the traditional carnival, and this is a great occasion to promote Belgrade’s riverside.

“All city departments and secretariats have invested efforts in this Belgrade Boat Carnival, and this is the crown of the summer season for Belgrade,” Popovic said.

Jelena Stankovic, PR of the organizer, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade told Xinhua that this year’s edition of the carnival continues to promote the tourist potentials of Belgrade’s riverside as well as the “spirit of togetherness Serbian people share with visitors during manifestations like this”.

“Belgrade is a city of festivals and this is one of our most important manifestations that marks the end of the summer season,” she told Xinhua, explaining that participants of the carnival procession are members of jet-ski, sailing, nautical, rowing and other clubs as well as private and tourist boats.

Deputy Mayor Andreja Mladenovic estimated that the carnival grew into “one of the most exciting manifestations that attracts not only domestic but also international tourists.”

“A large number of people of Belgrade come down to the river to see the ships as well as a large number of international tourists because this is a real attraction,” Mladenovic said.

“Belgrade is a tourist center of this part of Europe. Every year we have double-digit growth of tourists, double-digit growth of overnights, and increase in number of cruise ships. This is one of the main potentials of our capital city,” Mladenovic added.

The party by Belgrade’s Sava River started with the boat procession lasted until the evening hours and included majorettes, entertainers and talented young musicians and ended with a concert and spectacular fireworks.


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