No second serving for you! British Airlines tells passengers

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TRAVEL GAZETTE – In a latest bid to reduce costs, British Airlines has cut the second meal served on some flights, and replaced it with a chocolate bar.

The move came as a shock for passengers who were expecting a meal but got a small chocolate instead, with many complaining it was disappointing to receive such treatment for a costly ticket.

“It was a joke, I paid 500 pounds (646 U.S. dollars) for a World Traveller Plus seat and the breakfast was OK, but to then get just a fun size chocolate bar six hours later is outrageous,” a traveller who recently flew from London to New York was quoted by the British newspaper the Sun as saying.

Even the flight attendants found the change “embarrassing.”

A spokesperson with the airlines confirmed the new policy, saying a second meal box would not be provided on flights under seven hours following “a recent review.”


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