Can you guess this place? Europe Wonder Game kicks off today

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The EU’s communication campaign “Europe. Wonder is all around.” aims to promote intra-EU travel.

The EU has been promoting tourism as an important economic sector which accounts for nearly 10 % of EU GDP and supports 25 million jobs (WTTC, Travel & Tourism economic impact. EU.).

The campaign is now entering a new phase with the start of a “Wonder Game”. The game allows participants to test their knowledge of European destinations and learn in an interactive way about the rich diversity of Europe.

Launched in June 2016, the campaign aims at showing the exceptional tourism potential of Europe and encourages tourists to wander off the beaten track and to travel all year round.

To support the growth of intra-European travel and keep raising awareness about sustainable and diverse destinations that Europe offers, the second phase of the ‘Europe.

Wonder is all around.’ campaign launches with a brand new Wonder Game.

Players must recognise a number of out-of-the-way destinations, whose photos were collected during the previous phase of the campaign.

To win, players specify the location of a given destination by accurately placing a pin on a virtual map. Scores will be calculated based on the distance from the pin to the actual coordinates of the wonder destination.

The Wonder Game will run for seven weeks, from 3 October to 21 November. Each week a winner will be selected and rewarded with a guidebook by a leading travel editor on travelling in Europe.

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