International Cervantino Festival kicks off in Central Mexico

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The 44th International Cervantino Festival, one of Latin America’s leading events for the performing arts, kicked off on Sunday in the central Mexican city of Guanajuato.  

The 22-day-long event gathered some 3,500 artists from 38 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Spain, Scotland and Canada, to take part in a marathon of performing arts.

A total of 15 events are scheduled each day at different historical venues in Guanajuato. Performances will also be held in other parts of the country, including the capital Mexico City.

The annual festival pays special tribute to Miguel de Cervantes, the man it was named after. He was a 16th-century Spanish playwright famous for the novel “Don Quixote”.

“Cervantes is associated with high culture, with Don Quixote and, of course, with Mexico, where his name and work mark this festival,” said Mexican Minister of Culture Rafael Tovar y de Teresa at the opening ceremony Sunday night.

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