Arab countries would achieve “significant leap forward” empowering youth

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Arab countries would achieve a “significant leap forward” in development if they “urgently prioritize” policies to empower young people.

That’s one main conclusion emerging from the Arab Human Development Report 2016, launched by the UN Development Programme on Tuesday.

Around 60 per cent of the Arab world’s population is under-30, and a “huge demographic dividend” could be reached by governments if they adopt policies to ensure the “well-being, productivity, self-determination and good citizenship” of the young, according to the report.

Adel Abdel Latif, the senior advisor who coordinated the report, said that young people had faced tough economic conditions in the Arab world for many generations.

“They reach you know the threshold of youth and then they find difficulty to find a good job, a decent job, good housing, and also a way to express themselves in the public sphere.”

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