Hans Christian Andersen museum under construction

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A new museum to commemorate Hans Christian Andersen will be built in Odense, the hometown of the renowned Danish fairytale writer.

The financing of the new museum totals about 45 million U.S. dollars.

The construction of the new H.C. Andersen Museum is expected to begin early 2017 and to be completed in 2020.

Odense currently has a H.C. Andersen Museum that is located in the building thought to be the birthplace of the writer, a small yellow house in the old town. In 1908, the house was opened as the H.C. Andersen Museum to document his life.

Andersen’s childhood home, where he lived in the little half-timbered house from the age of two until he was 14, was also opened as a museum in 1930.

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