AirBnB limits Amsterdam rentals to 60 nights per year

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AirBnB will impose a limit on the number of nights per year a host can rent out a home in Amsterdam.

After long negotiation, an agreement was reached with the Amsterdam city government, to block hosts in Amsterdam from renting out homes for more than the Dutch city’s legal limit of 60 days a year.

The city hopes that the agreement will decrease the nuisance caused by tourists, and prevent homes from being rented out all year long and being unavailable for the city’s inhabitants.

From upcoming January 1 on, people renting out a living space in Amsterdam on AirBnB will see a day counter on the website. Once they have rented out a home for 60 days in one year, they can no longer accept new bookings.

A few years ago, the city of Amsterdam imposed the rule that homes may only be rented out to tourists for up to 60 days, but had no means to force AirBnB to make people adhere to this rule.

The deal between Amsterdam and AirBnB is unique, as AirBnB does not have such a deal with any other municipality in Europe.



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