Historic London…a few great must see attractions

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If at all possible give yourself at least two or three days to visit this fascinating city to avoid rushing around it’s most interesting historical attractions.

There are sites you should try your best to visit such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, and the magnificent Westminster Abbey.

There are medieval roots to historical London, which traces it’s origins back to the Iron Age, and it’s name to the Romans.

London had the advantage of having the Thames run through it, and been close to the sea.

It is not surprising that a major city was sited there.

Ruins and artifacts from the past are often brought to the surface by building projects. Yet most of the historical London that tourists want to see is from the Norman era and later.

The Tower of London was built to convey Norman control of London, and it was built from 1078 to replace the wooden fort previously on that site.

The Tower of London has become the stuff of legend due to it’s roles as a fort, a royal palace, a prison, and for been the location for infamous executions and murders.

If you have the time the Tower of London is a must see.

Walking around this old fort and it’s grounds you can view where Ann Boleyn and Lady Jane Gray were executed, where the two princes disappeared, or where Archbishop Sudbury was murdered during the Peasants Revolt.

Westminster Abbey is another part of historical London with strong links to the royal family.

The original abbey was originally built by the Anglo-Saxons, and extensively rebuilt by Edward the Confessor.

The present abbey was ordered by Henry III, who considered Edward the Confessor to be his role model.

Work began in 1245, at the total cost of £39,000, a vast sum of money in those days.

Some famous monarchs are buried there, Henry III, his son Edward I, and Edward the Confessor.

Some notable royal weddings have taken place there from Richard II’s to Prince William’s in 2012.

Then you have Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral and Parliament…if you have time.

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