Schönefeld in Berlin is the worst airport in the world

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Schönefeld in Berlin is the worst airport in the world according to an international study by the eDreams online travel portal.

The former gateway to East Germany – which is now a hub for budget airlines – is cramped, badly designed and generally ‘unfit for a main capital city airport’, says our Berlin correspondent.

“There is no subway, you need to take a bus to the nearest station at Rudow – that means hanging around in the smokers area in line. Or, you can drag your case around 800 metres to the S-Bahn station,” he says.

The travel portal eDreams compiles an annual breakdown of 65,000 customer reviews – which includes data on security checks, shopping offers, restaurants, waiting areas and cleanliness.

“Passengers departing are squeezed into tiny corridors in long lines, and then packed into departures rooms, which don’t have enough seating. That mixed with the stench of a Burger King, makes it a pretty unpleasant experience.”

Schönefeld Airport was the major civil airport of East Germany (GDR) and the only airport of formerly East Berlin.

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