60 second guide to Florida

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Sunny, sporty, laid back, and gorgeous are all words that describe Florida. The sunshine state is a place where everyone can find something beautiful and entertaining to do or see.

World class and unique shopping, fine and casual dining, theme parks, water sports, and let’s not forget the beaches are all attractions that make the state amazing!

Warm, inviting water and white, soft sand are both features to enjoy when visiting a beach on Florida’s miles and miles of coastline.

The beach scene is as versatile as the state of Florida itself.

Tourists can choose to visit a beach to see and be seen, Miami’s South Beach is famous for this, or visitors can relax at a quieter and more family friendly beach.

No matter which beach is chosen, vacationers will enjoy gorgeous views, inviting water, and sand that is silky soft.

A travel item about Florida would not be complete without mentioning the theme parks offered.

Disney alone, has 4 parks and then there are Universal Studios, Bush Gardens, and Sea World. If a group is drawn to theme parks while on vacation, then Florida is the place to visit.

As well as theme parks, Florida also has national and state parks that are a huge draw to vacationers. To mention only one, the Everglades National Park contains the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.

This park contains many rare birds, plants, and animals and most people describe it as must see if visiting southern Florida.

Water sports such as fishing, jet skiing, wake boarding, and the like, are accessible all over Florida.

If you or your family are into spending time on the water then Florida will be a dream vacation.

You can dive into a sport of your choosing and spend all day enjoying it.

Florida is a great place to visit with many things to do and see. Warm weather, great beaches, and lots of activity guarantee fun for everyone.

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