Cyprus ranked second in EU for cleanliness of its waters

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Photograph artwork copyright © Travel Gazette.
Photograph artwork copyright © Travel Gazette.

CYPRUS ranked second in an annual study carried out by the European Environment Agency when it comes to the cleanliness of its waters.

The European Commission says that 99% of the Cyprus coasts submitted to EU control – where blue flags have been assigned – have excellent quality waters.

This performance brings Cyprus to the second place in the EU, second only to Luxembourg.

According to the European Commission, more than 85% of bathing water sites monitored across Europe in 2016 met the most stringent ‘excellent` quality standards — meaning they were mostly free from pollutants harmful to human health and the environment.

In total, only five countries were rated “excellent” for 95% of their bathing waters: Luxembourg for all of its 11 swimming areas, Cyprus and Malta for 99% of their waters, Greece for 97% and Austria for 95%.

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