Finland, Russia authorize expansion of trans-Siberian flights

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Finland and Russia have agreed on an expansion of trans-Siberian passenger flights authorizations between Finland and Asia.

Under the new agreement, the weekly two-way crossing rights go up from 65 to 80.

Hanna Lauren, the commercial director of Finland’s national carrier Finnair, told newspaper Helsingin Sanomat on Saturday that the new agreement creates possibilities for a 15-percent increase in the business volume of Finnair.

Director of the Market Unit at the Finnish Ministry of Communications, Laura Eiro, told Xinhua this weekend that the agreement with Russia matches the recent options for expansion negotiated between Finland and China.

The agreement with Russia includes the possibility of flying from Finnish capital city Helsinki via Siberia to Nanjing, eastern China.

Eiro explained that the number of flights is actually increased by six per week, as currently there have already been nine temporary authorizations plus the 65 return crossings based on the previous agreement.

Besides China, the new trans-Siberia crossings could also serve Japan and South Korea. The actual scale of services depends on the operating airlines.

Finland and Russia also agreed that flights between Helsinki and Moscow would increase from two to three returns per day. Consultations were arranged in Nowosibirsk, Russia this week.

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