Germany to ditch ‘two pilot’ obligation, introduced after Germanwings disaster

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German airlines are set to revoke the obligation for two crew members to be present in the cockpit at all times, dubbed “rule of two”.

This “rule of two” was introduced in 2015 after Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz was presumed to have locked the captain out of the flight deck and intentionally crashed the Airbus plane into the French Alps, killing all 150 on board.

The German Aviation Association (BDL) said that evaluations have shown “no security gain by the rule of two”, since the rule raises the frequency in which the cockpit doors are opened and also broadens the circle of persons allowed on the flight deck, increasing the risk of unauthorized access.

The new security regulation will be submitted to the Federal Aviation Office and implemented by June 1, at the latest, the BDL announced.

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