Brunei employs public toilets grading system to promote tourism

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Brunei is employing a public toilets grading system to ensure that foreign visitors will be “left with a lasting impression on the most basic amenity and enjoy their stay here,” a Brunei tourism official was quoted as saying.

Inspections were conducted in Brunei from February to April this year, involving 65 public toilets in 28 restaurants, 11 shopping centers, 21 places of interest and all control posts.

The inspections focused on four main categories, Design and Environment Management Systems, Amenities and Facilities, and Cleanliness and Safety, in line with the criteria as outlined in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Public Toilet Standards.

Following the nationwide survey, 11 public toilets received Grade A and 14 Grade B, while the rest were either Grade C or D.

“We will strictly implement the ASEAN Public Toilet Standards,” Mohammad Zamree, director of Brunei’s Tourism Development Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, told local media.

He also noted that public toilets not only reflect the image of a country, but also are related to the improvement of the country’s tourism environment and the improvement of national people’s quality.

“We will continuously monitor public toilets falling under the Grade C and D categories, in an effort to improve on the existing facilities and standards of cleanliness,” he added, “we hope that all public toilets can reach Grade A or above the standard in the future.”


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