Flight Price Index 2017: Cyprus among the cheapest countries for flights

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Online travel agency Kiwi.com have produced their annual ranking detailing the cost of air travel in 80 countries.

To calculate the rankings, the agency analysed over a million flights to find an average price of short-haul and long-haul flights on low cost and full service airlines from each of the countries.

Cyprus  ranks in position 39, with an average flight cost of €12.55 per 100 km of travel, factoring in both short haul and long haul journeys.

This compares with the most affordable country, Malaysia, averaging a flight cost of €3.84 per 100 km of travel. At the other end of the ranking, Belgium calculated at a cost over 13 times higher, at €50.21 per 100 km of travel. Cyprus  placed in position 62 in 2016’s ranking.

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