Indian weddings becoming big business in Turkey

Turkey has organized 20 to 25 Indian weddings until now

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Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding

AN Indian wedding organization has lately brought new hope to Turkey’s fragile tourism industry, which has been overshadowed by the threat of terrorism and political uncertainty.

Industry representatives, who have discovered the potential of Indian weddings, have been seeking new ways to attract more into Turkey.

“Turkey first realized the potential of Indian weddings in 2011 when an Indian family preferred to hold their wedding in the Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya in Mardan Palace Hotel,”said Nihat Tumkaya, board member of the Professional Hotel Managers’ Association and director of IC Hotels.

“They closed the entire hotel spending around a million euros,” he added.

Turkey’s tourism industry has been hit by a series of terror attacks, a failed military coup and lingering political uncertainty in the wake of a referendum that ushers in a stronger presidency.

The industry has also suffered from a row between Ankara and Moscow, after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet in November 2015 in an incident that has caused a sharp decline in the number of Russian tourists.

“Amid all these difficulties in the industry, more Indians prefer to choose Turkey for their wedding destination because of the qualified service they receive here,” claimed Tumkaya. “They also consider Turkey as very accessible as it is located at the center of the continents.”

According to press reports, rich Indians spend an average of 6 billion U.S. dollars a year for the weddings they organize abroad.

Turkey has organized 20 to 25 Indian weddings until now, Tumkaya noted.

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