Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry to assist travelers with new app

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Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced an app for travelers offering the most relevant consular information and aid in unforeseen situations.

According to a ministry’s statement, the app named Travel Safely offers all necessary consular information offline, thus gives an opportunity to avoid a number of problems while travelling.

“The ministry, as well as our diplomatic representative offices abroad, receive numerous calls concerning consular aid; therefore, there was an idea to employ technologies in order to ensure better access to this kind of information to travelers and Lithuanian citizens living abroad,” Ausra Cerneviciene, deputy director of the ministry’s consular department, said in an interview with a local broadcaster

“Information regarding travelling to various countries, visa requirements, availability of consular services, including necessary steps in case of loss of personal documents, could be checked using the app,” Cerneviciene added.

As the app does not require internet connection, it can be used in the airplanes, remote areas and in cases of internet failure.

The app offers the information on the Foreign Ministry’s recommendations and arrival requirements in all countries of the world, consular data and contacts of diplomatic representative offices, travel planning opportunity. In case the traveler needs to find the closest consular office, automatic search for the office can be employed, the ministry explained in its statement.

In case of a crisis in the country which is being visited at the moment, the ministry has the possibility to send direct push notifications to the users of the app.

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