New customs code for Albania

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A new customs code has entered into force in Albania starting from Friday.

The new code facilitates procedures for businesses, but at the same time, it also reduces the time and costs that apply to customs charges, Albanian minister of economy Milva Ekonomi said Friday.

Meanwhile, the new code is also expected to make it easier for the customs administration to collect fees and to coordinate procedures in real time.

The code has been drafted in compliance with EU directives and offers a series of streamlined procedures for export and import businesses with view to facilitating trade and boosting commercial exchanges.

It also extends the storage period to 90 days and the possibility to move goods under temporary storage without transit procedures.

According to Ekonomi, the new code also introduced the concept of economic authorized operators, who are allowed to move goods while they are under temporary storage.

But, the business sector has expressed some concerns over the new customs practices which have just entered in force, mainly regarding the legal provisions.
Among the issues they have raised recent days were related to the reduced customs administration schedules, the non-payment of excise duty and the lack of functioning of the green channel.

“Livestock cannot wait for long at customs, despite the fact whether the system works or not, whether it has been approved by the General Directory of Customs or not, and whether it is the operator/customs officer dealing with the temporary exemption procedures for VAT. I refer to the Green Channel for which I do not see any application here, “an entrepreneur told local media Friday.

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