Slovakia to create agency to attract filmmakers from abroad

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Slovakia wants to attract filmmakers throughout the world to choose the country as their location to film, and the country’s culture ministry is planning to create a national film agency later this year for this reason, said Culture Minister Marek Madaric.

The agency will also be tasked with enabling links between foreign and Slovak motion-picture professionals and lay the groundwork for film production in Slovakia, Madaric announced at a press conference on Thursday.

“I believe that this agency will be very helpful both for the promotion of Slovak films and for the ability to provide information on and bring co-production partners and film investors to Slovakia,” said Madaric.

In addition, the ministry is also easing the requirement for minimum expenditures that filmmakers need to make in order to become eligible for a subsidy from the Audiovisual Fund that would cover 20 percent of their total expenditures.

As of August, the minimum level will be cut from 2 million euros (2.3 million U.S.dollars) to 150,000 euros for a single feature, documentary or animated film, and to 300,000 euros for a project involving at least two such films or a television series.

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