Spanish holiday islands look to ban alcohol on incoming flight

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Authorities in the Balearic Islands, which welcome millions of tourists every year, have asked for a ban on alcohol on incoming flights in a bid to limit anti-social behavior, Spanish media reports.

“We ask the central government and the European Commission to ban the consumption of alcoholic drinks on flights and in airports,” said Pilar Carbonell Raya, the director general of tourism for the group of islands, which consists of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

The regional government issued a statement saying the move would “guarantee security…and tackle anti-social tourism.”

“The aim of the measure is to improve passenger security and also that of security forces in planes and airports in our islands who are often faced with drunk passengers,” the statement said.

The move comes after a series of incidents involving drunken passengers, such as one in May when Spanish Civil Guards boarded a Ryanair flight from Manchester to arrest three drunken men who had been fighting.

Some parts of Mallorca, such as the resort of Magaluf, are notorious for the excessive drinking that takes place there and local authorities are doing their best to change its image.

Meanwhile, Ibiza is also known as a “party” island which attracts tourists looking to drink and dance during their holidays.

Although the flight time from Britain or Germany to the Balearic Islands is usually less than two and a half hours, which limits drinking time on a plane, many airports try to maximize profits by offering special deals on drinks, with some in Britain even selling two-pint glasses of beer (around a liter) in a bid to shorten waiting time and allow travelers to drink (and spend) more as they wait for their flights.

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