Namibia to prosecute people posting trophy hunting photos on social media

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Namibia will start prosecuting people who kill wildlife and post pictures on social media, Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta said Wednesday.

He said that people who kill wildlife, whether with a permit or not, and post photos on social media and boast will face the wrath of the law once the Protection Areas and Wildlife Management Bill passes into law..

This comes after a video went viral in the country where a group of people shot a Kudu and started throwing stones at it to kill it.

Shifeta said that animal cruelty is a crime, thus people who are found abusing animals will be in trouble.

Previously in other countries, wildlife trophy shipments were banned after the killing of Cecil the lion in July 2015.

Airlines across the world banned the shipping of lions, leopard, elephant and rhinoceros as well as cape buffalo trophies.

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