Kuwait evacuates citizens from Lebanon

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Kuwaiti foreign ministry and other authorities are evacuating its citizens from Lebanon, the Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) has said.

Kuwaitis can keep their flight reservations and return to Kuwait as soon as possible with no additional charge, said KAC on twitter.

The company added that their representatives in Beirut and the Kuwaiti Embassy in Lebanon would provide necessary assistance to ensure the safe return of Kuwaiti nationals.

Kuwait Airways will halt the emergency flights and resume normal flight schedules by next Sunday, KAC said.

Kuwait on Thursday urged its citizens in Lebanon to leave the country immediately due to the situation in Lebanon at the moment.

Outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation on Nov. 4 in the Saudi capital Riyadh, attributing to the internal and external armed activities of

Hezbollah, a Lebanese Iran-backed Shiite militant group represented by several ministers and affiliates in the government.

The announcement came as a surprise to Lebanon’s political establishment.

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