Mexico City unveils earthquake alert app

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Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera has unveiled an earthquake warning system that residents can download to their mobiles.

Starting Thursday, a quake alert was incorporated into the already existing emergency app called “911 CDMX,” the mayor announced weeks after a spate of powerful quakes in September jolted the city, including one that toppled buildings.

Until now, the city’s quake warning system consisted of a network of 8,200 loudspeakers installed throughout the capital, which emit an alarm triggered by sensors located along Mexico’s southern coast, where most earthquakes that affect the capital originate.

With the revised app, residents will receive a text alert when the sensors signal the network of loudspeakers.

“All you have to do is download our 911 application which, in addition, is free. Starting today, everyone who has the 911 application will have the seismic alert on their mobiles,” said Mancera.

The capital was rocked by Sept. 7 and 19 earthquakes. The second led to the collapse of at least 38 buildings and damaged another 5,700, leaving 228 people dead.

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