Murders and aggravated robberies up 1.8 percent in South Africa

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Amid a rise in violent crimes, South African President Jacob Zuma has pledged to appoint the national commissioner of police, a post that has been vacant for two years.

“The process of recruiting the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service is proceeding very well,” Zuma said while answering questions in Parliament last week.

Zuma made the pledge after MPs voiced concern over the vacant post, which “is of vital importance in dealing with the challenges affecting policing in South Africa”.

“We are conducting internal processes that will culminate in making the appointment. I intend to appoint the National Commissioner as soon as this process is finalized,” Zuma told MPs.

The appointment came to the attention of MPs after Police Minister Fikile Mbalula released statistics last month that showed a rise in violent crimes in the 2016/2017 financial year, with murders and aggravated robberies up 1.8 percent and 6.4 percent respectively.

The crimes of carjacking, and residential and non-residential robberies are also up again, Mbalula said.

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