Royal Jordanian Airlines sets focus on ‘better connectivity’

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By Nathan Morley

Royal Jordanian Airlines is working on a turnaround plan, aiming to be the number-one airline in eastern Mediterranean. The carrier said it was working on enhancing connectivity of its route network.

The airlines will improve connectivity through their main hub in Amman and will simplify the fleet to run a consistent flight schedule and thus make future growth easier.

The airlines President Stefan Pichler saidĀ  new international routes will be openedĀ  in the coming five years, to Washington, Copenhagen and Stockholm and will resume flying on previously suspended routes, including Damascus, Mosul, Sanaa, Aden and Benghazi.

In terms of the fleet, the company will merge into a single supplier for all the narrow-body fleet from currently two aircraft manufacturers, considerably reducing expenses on maintenance, spare parts and training.

Additionally, the airline will add more economy class seats in its narrow-body planes, and thus increase the earning capacity. It will also reduce the number of crown class seats while keeping the comfortable pitch of both classes.

Pichler noted that the current fleet of 26 aircraft will grow to reach 30 by 2021, and the five-year plan will include major initiatives that are expected to enhance unit revenues by 7 percent and lower unit costs by 6 percent.

The number of passengers the airlines transported in the third quarter also rose by 5 percent over that of last year.

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