British Airways aims to speed up boarding with ‘high tech’ gates

Amazing potential of using biometrics to speed up the boarding process

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Nathan Morley Travel Gazette

BRITISH AIRWAYS has tested revolutionary new self-service biometric boarding gates on international flights out of the USA.

The gates have been set-up on three stands at Los Angeles Airport.

The airline says it began an exclusive trial that will ‘transform customers’ airport experience” by improving the boarding process and reducing the amount of time it takes to board an aircraft.

The new technology means passengers will no longer need to present their passport or boarding pass at the gate – only at check in and security.

“Instead travellers can simply look into a camera prior to boarding, wait for their biometric data to be verified, and then walk onto the aircraft,” BA said in a press statement.

The project, led by Los Angeles Airport, builds on technology already in use by British Airways on its domestic flights from Heathrow’s Terminal 5 – checking customers’ biometric data at the gate when they scan their boarding pass.

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