Laser attackers in Britain will be sentenced to 5 years in prison

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British Department for Transport (DfT) announced Wednesday that jail sentences of up to five years and unlimited fines will be imposed on people who target transport operators with laser devices.

The government published details of a new laser misuse law which expands the list of vehicles, beyond just planes.

Drivers of trains and buses, captains of boats and even pilots of hovercraft will be among those protected by the new legislation, said the DfT.

The bill will make it easier to prosecute offenders by removing the need to prove an intention to endanger a vehicle. It will also remove the limit on the amount offenders can be fined, which is currently limited to 2,500 pounds (3,348 U.S. dollars). The new law paves the way for substantial sanctions. The police will also be given additional powers to catch those responsible for the misuse of lasers.

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