Luxury hotels penalized for poor hygiene

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Three international luxurious hotels in northeastern Chinese city of Harbin have been penalized for lax hygiene standards, local authorities said Wednesday.

The penalties came after a video showing substandard guestroom cleaning services in the Kempinski, Shangri-La, and Sheraton Xiangfang hotels in Harbin went viral on social media Tuesday.

In the videos shot by hidden cameras, hotel maids were shown cleaning glasses with toilet brushes and used towels. One maid was heard telling the other: “Be cautious. Don’t let your supervisor see this.”

Later in the day, health authorities carried out an inspection of the three hotels and confirmed that the hygiene problems exposed in the video existed.

The hotels involved have been ordered to take measures to improve management and service quality to ensure the health and hygiene of customers.

Following the incident, authorities in Harbin will launch a citywide inspection campaign on various service sectors, including restaurants, hotels, shops, public transport and scenic spots.

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