Police called after ‘smelly socks’ brawl on bus

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Indian police arrested a passenger whose stinking socks triggered a verbal brawl between him and fellow passengers on a bus, police said.

The passenger Prakash Kumar, aged 27, from India’s eastern state of Bihar was booked for “causing public nuisance”.

“We arrested a person from Bihar who was travelling from Dharamshala to Delhi in a bus for causing public nuisance,” a police official posted in Una district said. “The person was booked after he got into a brawl with fellow passengers over his stinking socks.”

According to police Kumar took off his socks and shoes in the bus, which reportedly were stinky.

“Not able to bear the stench of Kumar’s socks, the fellow passengers asked him to either put them in his bag or throw them out. However, he refused to oblige them and entered into a heated exchange with passengers,” the police official said.

Irked by the behaviour of passengers and unable to resolve the issue, the driver took the bus to Bharwain police station in Una district.

Police officials said Kumar was arrested on Monday on complaint of fellow passengers and later released on surety.

Reports said Kumar also filed complaint against fellow passengers alleging that they quarrelled with him for no reason and his socks were not stinky.

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