New Ryanair cabin bag policy starts today

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The new Ryanair cabin bag policy comes into effect today, meaning:

– Only Priority Boarding customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft.

– All other (i.e. non-priority) customers will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board, while their second (bigger) wheelie bag will be placed in the hold (free of charge) at the boarding gate.

Ryanair’s new bags policy already includes cuts to checked bag fees (from €35 to €25) and an increase in the check-in bag allowance from 15kg to 20kg to encourage more customers to book check-in bags and reduce the volume of carry-on bags.

“This will speed up the boarding of flights and eliminate flight delays, alongside our new checked bag policy which offers our customers lower bag fees for a 33% increase in their checked bag allowance,” the airline said.

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