The demise of King’s City in Eilat

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(TRAVEL GAZETTE) FOR MANY TOURISTS news the demise of King’s City, a popular theme park in Eilat will come as a surprise. But, the massive attraction actually closed in 2015 due to dwindling visitor numbers and rising costs.

As you probably don’t often come across religious themed parks – this place was unique as its central theme was based on the bible stories of King Solomon.

It was one of the resorts major attractions – but don’t be mistaken it was not a religious camp – at its height it was a busy theme park with lots of amusements to keep the kids happy.

Kings City presented ancient bible stories in an up to date way, using state of the art technology and 4-D. There were 65 active elements at the attraction, a biblical ‘theme cave; carved from the rock face and a stunning boat trip along King Solomon’s waterfalls.

After closure, YNET news reported: “It seems that the place will be demolished and replaced by – how very surprising – more hotels.”

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